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Agriculture Deputy Secretary Dr. Kathleen Merrigan discusses the role of ag research with students and faculty from the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, U of Wisconsin and Eli’s



Agriculture Deputy Secretary Dr. Kathleen Merrigan (center) discussed the role of agricultural research with students and faculty from the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences (CHSAS), University of Wisconsin and Eli’s president Marc Schulman at the US Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C., on January 10, 2012. From left: Bill Hook, CHSAS, Dantrell Cotton, University of Wiscons…in, Bobbie Briggs, CHSAS, Alex Villareal, CHSAS, Deputy Secretary Dr. Kathleen Merrigan, Lucille Shaw, CHSAS, Shelia Fowler, CHSAS, Molly Jahn, Dean of Agricultural and Life Sciences (former Undersecretary Research Education and Economics), University of Wisconsin, and Marc Schulman, Eli’s Cheesecake. USDA Photo by Bob Nichols

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Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences Receives Gift of Two Pregnant Mares–Calling Card and Vega

The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences was abuzz with activity last Friday, September 16th, when Dennis Pietranduono presented two pregnant mares–Calling Card and Vega to the students at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.   Chicago Public School CEO Juan-Caaude Brizard and Chief of Schools Harrison Peters joined elected officials Alderman Matt O’Shea and Senator William Maloney joined Advisory Board Co-Chairs,Attorney Rouhy Shalabi and Eli’s Marc Schulman  for the arrival of the mares and a tour of the school.

This program is unique as students in the Animal Science Pathway along with some Special Education students will participate in a special program that will allow them to raise and eventually sell horses for harness racing.  During this program students will be able to experience the birthing process and the raising of the foals.



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Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences & Vaughn High School Students at the Eli’s Cheesecake/Wright College Farmers Market

Eli’s is very proud of our long term partnership with the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences and Vaughn High School.

For our Thursday Farmers Market, we were delighted to have special needs students from both schools participating in the Market. This is just one more example of how programs in food, agriculture and science can benefit a wide range of students.

Students from Vaughn brought crafts celebrating the Bears first game this Sunday and students from CHSAS brought produce from the farm at the school as well as bottles of the honey harvested by the students and used in our dessserts.


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Eli’s & Wright College Community thank Dr. Charles Guengerich for his Service as President of Wright College

One of the foundations of Eli’s Cheesecake is the dedication to education and life long learning—for our people and the community. For us, these goals have been achieved because of the strong leadership of Dr. Charles Guengerich, the President of Wright College. In his 12 years as President of Wright and over 30 years at the City Colleges of Chicago, Dr. G has been totally committed to his students, his faculty and staff and the community. On June 30th, Dr. G. retired from Wright and the City Colleges of Chicago. In honor of his service, Eli’s hosted a luncheon on our Farmers Market Day that also kicked off the summer program with the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences; programs that were all made possible because of Dr. G’s commitment to the community.

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Eli’s Marc Schulman and 38th Ward Alderman Tim Cullerton thank Dr. Guengerich for his service to the community.

2 [1600x1200]

Dr. Guengerich and wife, Diana, are joined by former Wright Vice President and later President of Harold Washington College, Nancy DeSombre, with her husband, Gene.

1 [1600x1200]

Dr. Guengerich was joined by Lynn Walker, President of Truman College who previously served as Vice President of Wright.

5 [1600x1200]

In honor of his support and leadership for the Father’s Day Bike Ride, Dr. Guengerich was named as the Grand Marshall for the 2012 Ride.

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Eli’s Cheesecake Congratulates the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences on its 2011 Graduation Ceremony

schulman messier hook shaw shalabi [1600x1200]

The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences was fortunate to have Brenda Dann-Messier, the Assistant Secretary of Education for Adult and Vocational Education at its 2011 graduation on Friday, June 10th. Dann-Messier is the Senior Official in the Department of Education for Community Colleges and all Career & Technical Education including agricultural education.

In the photo above Dann-Messier is joined by Principal William Hook, Assistant Principal Lucille Shaw and Advisory Board Co-Chairs, Eli’s Marc Schulman and Attorney Rouhy Shalabi.

Before the graduation ceremony, Dann-Messier took a tour of CHSAS with the “Top 10″ graduates and members of the junior class.

chsas messier 8 [1600x1200]

chsas messier 11 [1600x1200]

chsas messier2 [1600x1200]

chsas messier 6 [1600x1200]

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Miguel Juarez Middle School Students Help Clean Up Eli’s

For the past 6 years, Eli’s has benefitted from our partnership with Ray & Erin Arceo and students from Miguel Juarez Middle School in Waukegan. In the past years, we have spruced up the Eli M. Schulman Playground and Seneca Park as part of the Chicago’s Friends of the Park Annual Earth Day Parks & Preserves Clean-up program.  However, a questionable weather forecast for Saturday, May 7th resulted in the day being reorganized.  This year, the students planted and cleaned our business park grounds here at Eli’s Cheesecake World. They also got the chance to decorate their own cheesecakes to bring home. It was very special to have these dedicated kids here with us on that special day.

DSC_7432 [1600x1200]DSC_7440 [1600x1200]DSC_7415 [1600x1200]DSC_7435 [1600x1200]DSC_7446 [1600x1200]

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Eli’s Cheesecake Congratulates NBC 5 Chicago on hosting Education Nation in Chicago

education nation nbc vatis [1600x1200]

On Saturday, May 7th, Eli’s President Marc Schulman Presented a Ceremonial Eli’s Cheesecake to NBC 5 Anchor Kim Vatis in Celebration of the Success of the Events of NBC Education Nation in Chicago during the past week.

Education Nation1 [1600x1200]

Education Nation2 [1600x1200]

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Ridgewood High School Art Club Brings a Touch of Spring to the Eli’s Cheesecake Bakery Cafe

Our thanks to the students in the Ridgewood High School Art Club and Advisor, Ms. Sarah Machaj, for helping get the Eli’s Cheesecake Bakery Cafe ready for Spring. Our windows now look colorful and festive. We thank these talented young people for their great work and dedication.








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Eli’s Cheesecake Joins All of Chicago in Mourning the Loss of Jim Tyree, Chairman of Mesirow Financial & the Chicago Sun Times and former Chair of the Board of the City Colleges of Chicago

Jim Tyree Sun Times

The Chicago Sun Times, a newspaper, saved by the creativity and vision of Jim Tyree, has a full page ad today mourning the loss of Jim Tyree from his associates at Mesirow Financial. The words are perfect and describe the tremendous impact that Jim had on Chicago and the loss that all of us will experience. Jim had a unique understanding of business and he really cared about his friends, his customers and the community. If it was a discussion about financing our business, the City Colleges of Chicago, our insurance or his ongoing support of the Happiness Club, Jim always made time for others and always helped others succeed.

The Mesirow Tribute to Jim states:

Visionary Leader

Civic Champion

Tireless Advocate

Inspiring Mentor

Trusted Confidant

Role Model

Eternal Optimist

Large Hearted

Humble Hero

Valued Partner

Family Man

Regular Guy


Always missed. Never forgotten.

No one could say it better!

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Eli’s Cheesecake Supports the Happiness Club: 2011Benefit this Sunday, March 6th at the Park West Theatre

Happiness Club Benefit 2011 program_Page_2

Happiness Club Benefit 2011 program

The 2011 Benefit for the Happiness Club honors Eileen LaCario, the Vice President of Broadway in Chicago, and Grammy Award Winner, Che “Rhymefest” Smith with special guest, Kevin Coval, the Founder of the the Louder Than a  Bomb Poetry Slam.

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