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Ridgewood High School Art Club Brings a Touch of Spring to the Eli’s Cheesecake Bakery Cafe

Our thanks to the students in the Ridgewood High School Art Club and Advisor, Ms. Sarah Machaj, for helping get the Eli’s Cheesecake Bakery Cafe ready for Spring. Our windows now look colorful and festive. We thank these talented young people for their great work and dedication.








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Eli’s Cheesecake Joins All of Chicago in Mourning the Loss of Jim Tyree, Chairman of Mesirow Financial & the Chicago Sun Times and former Chair of the Board of the City Colleges of Chicago

Jim Tyree Sun Times

The Chicago Sun Times, a newspaper, saved by the creativity and vision of Jim Tyree, has a full page ad today mourning the loss of Jim Tyree from his associates at Mesirow Financial. The words are perfect and describe the tremendous impact that Jim had on Chicago and the loss that all of us will experience. Jim had a unique understanding of business and he really cared about his friends, his customers and the community. If it was a discussion about financing our business, the City Colleges of Chicago, our insurance or his ongoing support of the Happiness Club, Jim always made time for others and always helped others succeed.

The Mesirow Tribute to Jim states:

Visionary Leader

Civic Champion

Tireless Advocate

Inspiring Mentor

Trusted Confidant

Role Model

Eternal Optimist

Large Hearted

Humble Hero

Valued Partner

Family Man

Regular Guy


Always missed. Never forgotten.

No one could say it better!

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Eli’s Cheesecake Supports the Happiness Club: 2011Benefit this Sunday, March 6th at the Park West Theatre

Happiness Club Benefit 2011 program_Page_2

Happiness Club Benefit 2011 program

The 2011 Benefit for the Happiness Club honors Eileen LaCario, the Vice President of Broadway in Chicago, and Grammy Award Winner, Che “Rhymefest” Smith with special guest, Kevin Coval, the Founder of the the Louder Than a  Bomb Poetry Slam.

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Salute to the Culinary Class of 2011 by the Chicago Foodservice Marketing Club!

The students of the College of DuPage, Joliet Junior College, Kendall College, Robert Morris University, Triton College and Washburne Culinary Institute showcased their talents last Friday night by preparing some delicious food!   A special thanks goes out to our celebrity emcee, Wayne Johnson of NBC and all those who came out to support this Wayne Johnson with students great event!

College of DuPage

Eli's Pastry Chefs Diana Moles and Laurel Boger

Joliet Junior College

Kendall College

Robert Morris Student

Triton College

TritonCollege Students Washburne

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Art Club of Ridgewood High School Decorates Eli’s Cheesecake Cafe Windows for the Holiday Season


Our thanks to Sarah Machaj, the Club Advisor, & the members of the Art Club at Ridgewood High School for decorating the windows of our Cafe for the Holiday Season. We value the passion and energy of these outstanding students.

ridgewood11 (Medium)

ridgewood hs07 (Small)

ridgewood hs06 (Medium)

ridgewood hs03 (Medium)

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The partnership of Eli’s Cheesecake & Stewart’s Coffee with the SGA Cafe fund New Student Scholarships at Wright College


Eli’s Cheesecake Congratulates Melissa Raney, Angel Lira and Eli’s Santillan- Students at Wright College who were selected to receive the SGA Café Scholarship from Wright College’s Student Government Association.
The students will receive the equivalent of 12 credit hours tuition from the SGA Café for their Spring Semester at Wright College.
The SGA Café opened in April 2007 and is fully funded by product donations from The Eli’s Cheesecake Company and Stewart’s Private Blend Coffee. All profits from the café are use to benefit students.
The Eli’s Cheesecake Company is proud to donate goods and desserts for the SGA Café at Wright, a terrific entrepreneurial initiative.

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Congratulations to Northwestern Law School Dean David Zandt for his 25 years of serving as Dean and for his new role as President of the New School in New York

Van Zandt farewell

Eli’s has had a long and special relationship with the Chicago Campus of Northwestern University and the Northwestern University Law School. Eli’s the Place for Steak was a favorite gathering spot for professors at the Law School: Fred Inba, David Ruder and others would walk the block from the Law School to Eli’s. When Eli’s Marc Schulman attended Northwestern Law School, Eli’s hosted many study groups and other student meetings and Eli’s Founder, Eli Schulman, had a very special relationship with the Northwestern Law Alumni who led the US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois and had such an impact on the law and government in Illinois: Governor James R. Thompson, Judge Joel Flaum, Attorneys Tony Valukas and Gary Starkman, to name a few.

This holiday season, Northwestern Law School is celebrating the 25 year service of David Van Zandt as Dean of the Law School and honoring him as he moves to become President of the New School in New York. For us at Eli’s, it was a true honor to see that the poster highlighting the Dean’s 25 year service includes a photo of the 150th anniversary cheesecake that Eli’s created in 2009.

Northwestern Law School 150 years

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Eli’s Cheesecake Partners with the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences at Lights Festival Lane to support the Greater Chicago Food Depository and Provide Free Decorating and Slice of Eli’s Cheesecake for Guests

chsas students (Medium)

chsas8 (Medium)

It is an Annual Tradition for Eli’s Cheesecake to participate in Lights Festival Lane on the Saturday of the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. Eli’s partners with the students at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences to help decorate free slices of Eli’s Cheesecake for the guests while suppoting the Greater Chicago Food Depository through donations of food and cash.

ffa shaw (Medium)

Eli’s Marc Schulman joined by Haley Schulman, CHSAS Assistant Principal and longtime agricultural education advocate, Lucille Shaw, and Ellen Farrar, the Vice President of Marketing and Communication for the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association, which produces the Lights Festival.

eli's slice3 (Medium)

Eli’s Big Slice welcomes guests to Eli’s Tent at Lights Festival Lane with a student from CHSAS.

decorating slices (Medium)

Students from the CHSAS help guests decorate their slices of Eli’s Cheesecake.

food depository vol (Medium)

Volunteers from the Greater Chicago Food Depository accept donations of non-perishable food and cash donations. Eli’s provided Cakes as a thank you to donors of over $10 to the Food Depository.

haley marc maureen 2 (Medium)

Eli’s Marc, Haley and Maureen Schulman at the Eli’s Tent at Lights Festival Lane.

marc bob dion2 (Medium)

Eli’s Marc Schulman presents a slice of Eli’s Cheesecake to Bob Dion, this year’s Chairman of the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival for the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association.

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Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences Profiled at the National FFA Convention by Education Secretary Arne Duncan

Eli’s Cheesecake has been a long time supporter of the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. With so much need in our society for leaders nationally and globally in improving food safety, food security and the 300 careers in agriculture and life sciences, Chicago is fortunate to have a public high school that has for 25 years developed outstanding graduates that attend top universities and pursue important careers in the food and related industries.
It was therefore an honor to attend the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis where Secretary of Education Arne Duncan delivered a keynote address and recognized CHSAS for its important role in urban agricultural education today.

Agricultural Education in the 21st Century: Secretary Arne Duncan’s Remarks at the FFA Convention

October 21, 2010 (excerpted from Secretary’s Duncan’s remarks)

Look behind me. You will see the outstanding students from the Chicago High School for the Agricultural Sciences who just introduced me.

I’ve been to their school many times, and I loved those visits. It is an amazing school. I remember when a calf was born there. It is one of the ten largest FFA chapters in the nation. Every day, the Chicago Ag School refutes the myth that agricultural education is just for rural students.

Every day, the school dispels the misconception that agricultural education is a relic with little relevance in the information age.

Every day, their school illustrates the power of rigorous agricultural education to engage students and transform lives and communities.

ADFFAweb  001 (Medium) ADFFAweb  002 (Medium)

Over 54,000 people, an attendance record, registered for the 83rd National FFA Convention held in Indianapolis , Indiana.

ADFFAweb  006 (Medium) ADFFAweb  009 (Medium)

US Secretary of Education and former CEO of the Chicago Public Schools,  Arne Duncan, was introduced by current CHSAS students, Alexis Raybon, Ciana McMillian and Mahmoud Shalabi.

duncan shaw fowler ciana

Education Secretary Arne Duncan with CHSAS Master Ag Teacher, Sheila Fowler, Ciana McMillian and  Master Ag Teacher Emeritu and Assistant Principal, Lucille Shaw.

ADFFAweb  004 (Medium) (2)

Education Secretary Duncan with CHSAS Principal, William Hook, CHSAS students, Alexis Raybon and Mahmoud Shalabi, and Eli’s Cheesecake’s, Marc and Maureen Schulman.


Legendary agricultural broadcaster, Orion Samuelson, interviewed Education Secretary Duncan, FFA Chief Operating Officer Dwight Armstrong and Eli’s Marc Schulman for the FFA Convention coverage on RFD-TV.

orion group (Medium)

Orion Samuelson recently celebrated his 50th Anniversary of broadcasting on WGN Radio and a member of the Radio Broadcast Hall of Fame has been a supporter of the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences since its founding. The students, faculty and supporters of CHSAS expressed their support for Orion advocating agricultural education in urban areas like Chicago.

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Eli’s Cheesecake happy to support the Chicago Public schools’ Principal for a Day!




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