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Eli’s Master Pastry Chef, Laurel Boger, to Create the 1860′s Period Ball for Abraham Lincoln’s 200th Birthday

Revelers at 1860 Period Ball at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum Celebrate Lincoln’s 200th With Eli’s Cheesecake

Eli’s Cheesecake created a 42 inch, 250 pound apple cinnamon cheesecake for the 1860 Period Ball at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, a tribute to Lincoln’s love of apples, topped with an exact edible replica of Lincoln’s Springfield home, the only home he ever owned. Eli’s Master Pastry Chef Laurel Boger consulted actual architectural drawings and photos from all angles to create the two-story t-shaped colonial with green shutters, made of gingerbread, fondant, chocolate and royal icing.

The mind boggling grocery list included: 60 pounds of cream cheese, 40 cups of sugar, 30 cups of sour cream, 6 dozen eggs, 24 cups of flour, 40 cups of butter, 10 tablespoons of vanilla, 50 pounds of Michigan apples, 20 cups of brown sugar, and 12 tablespoons of cinnamon, 20 pounds of gingerbread. The cake served more than 400 guests, and was on display in the Lincoln Presidential Museum’s Rotunda.The Big Cake!

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Mayor Daley Hails the Chiefs–”Presidents, Past and Present” in the February issue of Michigan Avenue Magazine

Mayor Daley Hails the Chiefs–”Presidents, Past and Present” in the February issue of Michigan Avenue Magazine–”the most important President’s Day in our city’s history”

In the February issue of Michigan Avenue Magazine, Mayor Daley shares his thoughts on “Presidents, Past and Present.”

This is most fitting in a week when we at Eli’s prepare for our trip on Thursday to Springfield to present the Birthday Cakes that we have created for the two birthday celebrations for Lincoln; the 1860’s Period Ball at the Abraham Lincoln Museum and the Gala that will feature the attendance of our 44th President.

In Mayor Daley’s piece, he notes that this is the “most important President’s Day in our city’s history” because of Obama being the first Chicagoan to serve as President.

Mayor Daley continues that Lincoln said “a man should be proud of the city in which he lives, and that he should so live that his city will be proud that he lives in it.”

How wonderful that Eli’s Cheesecake, a family business of Chicagoans, can bring these Great Cakes to Springfield to honor our 16th President in the presence of our fellow Chicagoan, and 44th President, Barack Obama.

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Eli’s Cheesecake Creates Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday Cakes for February 12

Eli’s Cheesecake to Create the Official Cakes for Abraham Lincoln’s 200th Birthday Parties in Springfield on February 12th


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“Honest, Doesn’t Abe deserve a (Eli’s) cheesecake!”—-Posting by Renee Enna on The Stew-the Chicago Tribune’s Food Blog

“Honest, Doesn’t Abe deserve a (Eli’s) cheesecake!”—-posting by Renee Enna on The Stew-the Chicago Tribune’s Food Blog



Honest, doesn’t Abe deserve a cheesecake?



Posted by Renee Enna at 4:00 p.m. CTOne day Illinois is giving the country a president. A few weeks later, we’re impeaching a governor.Far removed from all this hullabaloo is Abraham Lincoln, that other politico with Illinois ties. He wasn’t averse to controvery but, being dead, things are relatively quiet. Or are they?The bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth falls on Feb. 12 and Springfield is hosting a fancy-shmancy (and sold-out) 1860 Period Ball. For the event, Eli’s Cheesecake will be making a 42-inch round apple-cinnamon cheesecake topped with a replica of that log cabin he lived in.

And what about us, the hoi polloi? We haven’t been forgotten. Eli’s is crafting “penny cakes”–adorable mini white chocolate-raspberry cheesecakes covered with bittersweet chocolate ganache and topped with a 3-inch replica of a 1909 Lincoln penny (made of chocolate dusted with copper-colored luster dust).

This sounds so great I think I’d want one even if Rod Blagojevich’s photo was on it.

They’ll be sold from Feb. 5-12 at Eli’s Cheesecake World, 6701 W. Forest Preserve Dr., for $6 (that’s 600 pennies) each.




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CNN’s Campbell Brown Highlights Eli’s Cheesecake’s Inaugural Cheesecake for the Commander In Chief Ball

CNN and Campbell Brown: “No Bias, No Bull” Inauguration Night Coverage Highlights Eli’s Cheesecake’s Inaugural Cheesecake for the Commander In Chief Ball



Barack Obama’s Inauguration

Aired January 20, 2009 – 19:00 ET

One of the Obamas’ first stops tonight is at the national building home of the commander in chief ball. Vice president and Mrs. Biden are expected there in just a few moments. Our Randi Kaye is there already.

Randi, this is really the most formal event of the night, isn’t it?

RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It absolutely is, Campbell. It’s a wonderful event. It started back in 2005. It was started by President Bush and it’s really to honor the members of the armed services, the military troops, the spouses of deployed soldiers are here, the spouses of former soldiers are here. It’s a free ball for the military troops. About 2,000 troops are expected here. President Obama is expected to speak here just before 10:00 tonight and that will actually be broadcast on the Pentagon channel to all of the military bases overseas.

Now, I did speak to some of the family members here. About 300 family members, Campbell, who are at this event tonight, have lost loved ones. And even given that, there is a great sense of hope here, which is truly remarkable. There’s a hope, there’s camaraderie among this group. It’s really a special night for the troops and their spouses, because they don’t often get a date night. So this is a really big deal for them.

They’re honored to be here. Many of them told me they’re very excited about their new commander in chief. They think he’s a great innovator. They need more attention focused on them and they think he’s going to deliver.

And the most important thing one told me was that it feels like Veterans Day. This is what Veterans Day should feel like, he said. This is why they serve, they serve for the freedom to vote, and that’s what they did.


BROWN: Randi, I hear there’s quite a special treat at the ball tonight. What’s it all about?

KAYE: Actually, it’s coming all the way from Obama’s home state of Illinois. It’s a giant cheesecake from Eli’s Cheesecake, which is a great dessert maker there. 500-pound cheesecake, Campbell, it’s three tiers, red, white, and blue with a chocolate inaugural seal on it. It was going to be filled with apples, because Lincoln — Abraham Lincoln was a big fan of apples, and as you know, there’s been a real Lincoln theme in Obama’s inauguration. So it will be filled with apples. And just to give you an idea, 100 pounds of cream cheese is what it took to make that cheesecake.


BROWN: OK. Sounds fabulous. Randi Kaye for us tonight. We’ll be checking in with you again a little bit later.


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Eli’s Inaugural Cheesecake a Great Success at the Commander in Chief Ball

Eli’s Inaugural Cheesecake a Great Success at the Commander in Chief Ball


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Eli’s Cheesecake Featured on Good Morning America in Washington D.C. on Inaugural Day

Replica of Eli’s Inaugural Cheesecake on the set for Good Morning America in Washington DC on Inaugural Day
Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer of ABC’s Good Morning America opened their special live inaugural day edition of Good Morning America from the steps of the Library of Congress with a replica of the Giant Inaugural Cheesecake that Eli’s created for the Commander in Chief Ball tonight at the National Building Museum.








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Eli’s Marc Schulman Featured on for the Inaugural Ball Cheesecake Quotables–Memorable Things They Said: Marc Schulman of Eli’s Cheesecake–”That Posed Some Limitation on Size” Talking about the Inaugural Cheesecake



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Eli’s Cheesecake Featured on MSNBC for the Commander-In-Chief Inaugural Ball

HardBall Big Number 500 Pounds–Weight of (Eli’s) Chicago Bakery’s Inaugural Ball Cheesecake

Bakery gives 500 pound cheesecake to Obama

Jan. 14: Eli’s Cheesecake Company from Chicago has donated a 500 pound cheesecake that will serve over to 3,000 servicemen and women as well as their families at the Commander-in-Chief Inaugural Ball next week. Chris Matthews talks more about the cake in the Hardball Big Number.



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Eli’s Cheesecake Selected to Create Inaugural Cheesecake for Commander-In-Chief Ball

Eli’s Cheesecake selected to create Inaugural Cheesecake for Commander-In-Chief Ball in Washington DC on January 20th


Bill Zwecker

At ball, a taste of Chicago

January 13, 2009

Marc Schulman and his Eli’s Cheesecake are making a 500-pound inauguration cheesecake for the commander in chief’s inaugural ball honoring Barack Obama Jan. 20 at the National Building Museum in Washington.

The top layer will feature the inaugural seal (in chocolate). The middle layer will be apple-flavored — a tribute to the favorite fruit of Abraham Lincoln and all the homages to our 16th president planned for Obama’s inauguration. That layer also will feature the seals of all five branches of the U.S. armed forces.

The cake’s base will be royal blue and decorated with a wave of red and white stripes and white and gold stars.


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