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Eli’s Cheesecake Debuts on HSN

Elana Schulman, grand daughter of Eli’s Cheesecake Founder, Eli Schulman, made her debut on  HSN on Sunday, August 26th promoting Eli’s Cheesecake Exclusives for HSN with Host Guy Yovan . Watch for Elana’s next appearances on HSN on Monday, August 27th: at 5am CST with Hosts Guy Yovan and Helen Keaney and 4pm CST on E.A.T. with Host Alyce Caron.

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Eli’s Proud to be Back on HSN!

Eli’s Cheesecake will be airing on HSN this Sunday, Aug. 26 at 6am and Monday, Aug. 27 at 5am and 4pm CST featuring Eli’s Cheesecake’s newest spokesperson, Eli’s granddaughter, Elana Schulman. Elana, a food enthusiast, has spent many hours at The Eli’s Cheesecake Bakery. She has been a line decorator, a spokesperson at cooking demonstrations and major public events including Taste of Chicago and has made a lot of great desserts for family and friends. Elana says “I’ve been eating Eli’s Cheesecake for 22 years and I still crave it.” Tune-in and watch Eli’s Cheesecake and Elana next week on HSN!

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From The Eli’s Archives–Eli Schulman featured in a print ad for Cambridge Coffee in the mid 1960′s

For two years, from 1966 to 1968, when a fire closed Eli’s Stage Delicatessen, our founder, Eli Schulman, operated both Eli’s the Place for steak and Eli’s Stage Delicatessen.

Cambridge Coffee was a leading supplier of coffee to restaurants and was owned by Leon and Joe Katz. The Cambridge Coffee facility was on Halsted at the Bridge to Goose Island across from the Montgomery Ward Warehouse.

This ad for Cambridge Coffee telling Eli’s Story ran during that two year period.

Copy reads as follows:

Superb dining–with coffee to match!

“Eli’s the Place for Steak” in the Carriage House at 215 E. Chicago Avenue, has captured the fancy of discerning diners with its friendly warmth and cozy plushiness. Restaurateur Eli Schulman creates his own specialty recipes and supervises every facet of the unobtrusive service that makes dining a pleasant and memorable experience. Eli’s is also a rendezvous for celebrities of Stage, Screen and Television.

It goes without saying that coffee is in rich harmony with the elegant food. Mr. Schulman relies on distinctive Cambridge Coffee, not only here, but at his noted Eli’s Stage Delicatessen on Oak Street.

Cambridge Coffee helps build food service reputations.


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Eli’s/Wright College’s Farmer’s Market to host Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences Graduation and the Illinois Dept. of Agriculture

Eli’s Cheesecake and Wright College were happy to host the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences’ graduation.  We were also paid a special visit from the Illinois Department of Agriculture.  They are in the process of launching a new product logo and mission, “Buy Illinois”.  Eli’s was one of five Illinois-based businesses asked to host a launch party for the new logo.  Our farmer’s market was also visited by Nissan and the new Nissan Leaf. 


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We took the Buy Illinois Product Challenge, you should too!


Set aside $10 of your weekly grocery budget to spend on products made in Illinois!

Click the link below to sign up!

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