Education was the topic of discussion at last night’s On The Table community meeting.  Our company president, Marc Schulman, emceed the event and helped start a great conversation on Chicago public education.  Everyone agreed that public schools throughout Chicago were in need of reform, but the solutions to the problems were much more complex.  Local parent, Cindy McMahon, talked about her son’s limited options in public schooling before discovering the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences (CHSAS).  CHSAS was able to provide Cindy’s son with a unique form of education centered around the study of agriculture.  Educators from CHSAS were also on hand to elaborate on the school’s curriculum and unique teaching methods, which help students to understand the role of agriculture in an urban environment.  Grace Rappe followed up with her views on public school’s utilization of property, noting that a school with resources and programs like CHSAS was rare in a city in which playgrounds were often placed on rooftops to save space.  State representative Robert Martwick continued the discussion by addressing the spending gap found between public high schools on the northwest side of Chicago versus those found on the south side of the city.  Overall, a wide range of ideas were shared and talks continued long after the formal On The Table dinner had concluded.  We would like to thank everyone who participated in the event.  Check out photos from the event below and please visit for more details on the event.