Laura Linger has written a thank-you post about the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake the Eli’s Cheesecake Company sent her; even calling it the “The Official Snack Here At A Touch Of Tuesday Weld”, how awesome! Thanks for the lovely post, Laura! Check out Laura latest post about Eli’s, as well as her other posts at:


Here’s Eli’s Original Post on Laura Linger:

“Valentine’s Day brings back special memories for almost everyone, including Eli’s Fan Laura Linger. On her Valentine’s Day blog post, Linger wrote about the night her husband hid his fraternity’s lavalier (his fraternity letters, in silver, descending down as a pendant) in an Eli’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. A lavalier is given as a sign of commitment and affection from a member of a fraternity to his girlfriend. What a romantic and delicious surprise! To read Laura’s Valentine’s Day blog post, or other posts from her blog, A Touch of Tuesday Weld, check out!”