Eli’s Cheesecake was recently mentioned in Moment Magazine’s Talk of the Table column.  This month’s column discussed the history of cheesecake, starting from the dessert’s origins in ancient Greece.  Our president, Marc Schulman, was interviewed on Chicago’s unique variation of the traditional cheesecake, saying, “[Eli's Cheesecake is] almost like a soufflé, richer and creamier.”  Eli’s Cheesecake has defined the “Chicago-style” of cheesecake since the company’s founder, Eli Schulman, first began serving the delicious dessert at his restaurant, Eli’s The Place for Steak.  In addition to the creamier texture of the cheesecake, Eli’s also strays away from the traditional graham cracker crust, replacing it with a homemade shortbread cookie crust.  Read the full article here to learn more about the history of cheesecake.

Cheesecake made with rosemary caramel sauce and hazlenut crust