Eli’s Cheesecake Festival

Thursday, July 28 – Sunday, July 31
6701 W. Forest Preserve Dr., Chicago
Free Admission · Free Parking · Free Cheesecake Samples


Each year Eli’s prepares for the ultimate celebration – National Cheesecake Day. Since Eli’s loves cheesecake so much, we turned it into a Cheesecake Four Day Festival. Eli’s Cheesecake Festival starts on Thursday, July 28th in partner with our weekly Farm Stand & Fresh Market starting at 7am. This will be a family day where there will be free cheesecake slice decorating all day in the Bakery Café from 8am-6pm. A variety of cheesecake games and activities will be available from 10am-4pm including Cheesecake Bingo, a Cheesecake Walk, Cheesecake Hula Hooping and more! The Kid’s Corner will feature many child-friendly games. Lunch on the grill will be served from 11am-1pm, while After School Matters performs at 12pm. After School Matters is an organization that creates life-changing opportunities for teen students during the school year and summer.


Outside of celebrating the Cheesecake Festival at Eli’s, you can have the chance to get FREE slices in Chicago! Follow the hashtags #ElisMobile and #ElisScavengerHunt to discover how to get free slices on Thursday.
On Friday, July 29th, we will continue the exciting Cheesecake Activities at the same time and have our Cheesecake Mascot present for meet and greets from 10am-4pm. We will also start our Cheesecake Competitive Summer Games including hockey played with a frozen cheesecake! You will be able to dip your own dipper from 11am-1pm and enjoy music on the patio and a FREE dessert buffet from 3pm-5pm. If you are traveling at O’Hare on this Friday then be sure to stop by Eli’s Dessert Kiosk in Terminal 1 between Gates B8-B9 from 11am-12pm.


Saturday will be the main event! It is officially National Cheesecake Day and we will be giving free samples of cheesecake all day long. And what’s an Eli’s celebration without a BIG CHEESECAKE? Jesse White Tumblers will fly over an Eli’s Big Cheesecake at 12:30pm with other entertainment and activities to view/participate in before and after. The Cheesecake Games will continue with boxing, weight lifting, golf and track & field. An artisan craft fair will take place, as well as lunch on the grill from 11am-2pm.


Are you a Pokémon Go fanatic? Well then Eli’s Cheesecake Festival is the place for you! Our historic Cheesecake Cow is a PokeStop and there will be a lure on it all four days. In addition, there will be accessible mobile charging stations so you can enjoy catching Pokémon and cheesecake all weekend long. Got a creative side? Post your best pocket monster cheesecake picture on Instagram with the hashtag #CatchEmAtElis for a chance to win a rare Pokémon Cheesecake prize. Want to compete in a pocket monster decorating contest then get to eat it after? On Saturday and Sunday, you can break up into your Pokémon Go team (Team Instinct – Yellow, Team Mystic – Blue or Team Valor – Red) and decorate a cheesecake to look like a Pokémon. Independent judging will take place to see who is the most creative, colorful, scary, etc. Winners will be announced on a later date.

Finally, on the last day of our Cheesecake Festival there will be the Annual Classic Car Show from 10am-3pm. More entertainment and activities will be happening on the family stage from 10am-4pm featuring The Happiness Club at 11am and the Karen Hart Band at 1:45pm. The Cheesecake Games and activities will continue, as well as the artisan craft fair and the Kid’s Corner. Everyday you can receive 20% any purchase of frozen desserts.


For the most up-to-date information, please visit CheesecakeFestival.com