On Thursday, July 21st, Eli’s Cheesecake had the opportunity of participating in the annual Green City Market Chef BBQ. Eli’s served Carrot Rhubarb Cake with goats milk cheese frosting.

Eli’s Cheesecake’s very own chef and VP of Operations, Jolene Worthington, and pastry chef Diana Moles, represented Eli’s at the BBQ among chefs from over 100 of Chicago’s top restaurants. Aside them was the supporting Eli’s team of Cheyenne, Yadi, and chefs Juanita and  Antonio.

The Green City Market Chef BBQ allows chefs to provide tasting portions of local, sustainable heirloom produce and heritage meats sourced from Green City Market farmers. Eli’s Cheesecake proudly uses goats milk cheesecake for the frosting on our Carrot Rhubarb cake. 

Green City Market’s mission is to promote a healthier society through education and appreciation for local, fresh, sustainably raised produce and products. At Eli’s, we strongly support the model of local, sustainable food.