Over the last two weeks, Eli’s Cheesecake has welcomed Donovan Brokerage and the Ritchie Marketing Group through day-long training sessions. Individuals from both groups received knowledge on Eli’s Cheesecake through presentations, like Marc Schulman’s history of Eli’s Cheesecake. No one can better explain the history of Eli’s Cheesecake than president, Marc Schulman. Eli’s Senior Marketing Manager, Sarah D. Zupancic, led a Food Trends presentation which discussed the way Eli’s is keeping up with evolving food trends. Our┬áDirector of Food Safety & Regulatory Affairs, Joyce L. Watford, gave a presentation on Eli’s Food Safety and quality control. A Competitive cheesecake Tasting was also done in order to best illustrate the way Eli’s Cheesecake compares to other branded cheesecakes. A factory tour was also given where our brokers were able to see the labor, by hard-working associates, that goes into creating Chicago’s finest desserts. Finally, in order to familiarize themselves with our products, our brokers were guided through a vignette of all our desserts, including potential displays and suggested plating ideas, and they were able to sample all and take some for the road.


Below are images from the Donovan Brokerage Training:


Below are images from a group of the the Ritchie Marketing Group:


All this training would not be possible if it were not for the help of our exceptionally hard working and friendly Eli’s Cheesecake associates.