At Eli’s we love our fans and love to share our story with others!

On Monday, February 6th,

Eli’s Cheesecake fan, Tanya Taylor came to visit Eli’s Bakery Cafe. Eli’s Cheesecake President, Marc Schulman personally asked to invite her to visit after she tweeted that she was a fan and tried Eli’s at First Bites Bash. During lunch, Tanya mentioned that her wedding cake (15 years ago!), as featured below, was custom made from Eli’s Cheesecake. It’s wonderful to hear people’s stories of their memories and experiences with Eli’s Cheesecake.

On Tuesday, February 7th,

Renowned Chicago Foodie and Pastry Chef, Sherrie Tan (@sherriesavorsthecity) came to visit Eli’s Cheesecake per our invitation. For us at Eli’s Cheesecake, it is important to reach out to local Chicago foodies and have them experience Eli’s Cheesecake. Tan brought a fellow coworker, (Kendall), and they received a factory tour. Both, coming from a small bakery, were impressed by the efficiency of mass production, and even more impressed with the fact that all of Eli’s Cheesecake’s desserts are hand-decorated. After the tour, they enjoyed our Prix Fixe Chicago Restaurant Week Lunch Menu, which ended with a cheesecake cutie fondue photo-shoot. As a foodie, Sherrie didn’t want to miss the opportunity to shoot some of our cheesecakes, so another photoshoot occured! Browse some of our behind the scenes photos below: