July 11-12 at the Eli’s Cheesecake Parking Lot

A Portion of the Proceeds Goes To Chicago HBCU Alumni Alliance 

Marc-and-Charlie-RobinsonGoing to miss Taste of Chicago this year?  Well, Marc Schulman and Charlie Robinson, the dynamic duo who have been serving up some of Taste of Chicago’s most popular dishes from their adjacent booths at Jackson and Columbus for the past 35 years, will take their show on the road! When learning that Taste of Chicago 2020 was cancelled due to Covid, the two Taste veterans came up with a way to give Chicago a taste of the Taste. “We are building a Taste area in our parking lot and Charlie is driving over his Barbecue truck. We’re offering all of our Taste favorites, plus an opportunity to buy whole cheesecakes. We’re so happy to do this because Taste is very close to our hearts… it’s where my Dad, restaurateur Eli Schulman, introduced his cheesecake to the world, and where Eli’s remains the only original vendor at Taste,” said Marc Schulman, Eli’s President.

On Saturday, July 11, & Sunday, July 12, 11am-4pm, customers will enter the parking lot in a spaced out manner, and receive their food in closed to-go containers. Guests can order upon arrival (credit or debit cards only, no cash accepted). They can also pre-order desserts online at https://order.ehungry.com/Elis-Cheesecake , or call 773-205-3800, or  For safety, no seating will be available, but all are welcome to stay and eat in (or on) their cars! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Chicago Historically Black Colleges & Universities Alumni Alliance.

Eli’s Cheesecake Taste menu: Original Plain Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Turtle Cheesecake, Cookie Crazy Cheesecake made with Oreo®, DipperAtTastesmand a Taste favorite…Eli’s Crunch Dippers (frozen chocolate chip cheesecake hand-dipped in crunchy chocolate, served on a stick). Enjoy by-the-slice; whole cakes and Dippers by-the-box will also be available for purchase.

Robinson’s Taste Menu: Boneless Rib Sandwich, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Pulled Chicken Sandwich, Super Polish, Rib Tips, Veggie Burger, Angus Burger, all with fries.

Not in Chicago that weekend? Beginning July 6th, Eli’s fans can visit http://shop.elicheesecake.com  and order the Taste Tower: 4 Crunch Dippers, one Taste Sampler Cheesecake (slices of Original Plain, Turtle and Cookie Crazy), and one Strawberry Cheesecake. Also available: Box of 4 Crunch Dippers,  Taste of Chicago Sampler, and a Strawberry Cheesecake.

Fun fact: Eli’s has sold over 5 million slices of cheesecake at Taste over the past 39 years!