In 2006, the Topic of the Summer Sustainable AgriculturalĀ  Entrepreneurship Program hosted by Wright College and Eli’s Cheesecake for the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences was harvesting and uses of honey in an urban area. A project that developed out of the bee hives at CHSAS, the program inspired Eli’s to use CHSAS Honey in a Wildflower Honey Bar made exclusively for Starbucks and a Wildflower Honey Cheesecake that is part of Eli’s Couture Line as well as a partnership between Wright College andĀ the North Lawndale Employment Network (NLEN). Wright’s partnership with NLEN provides ex-convicts a second chance and the byproduct produced, with honey is later made into hygiene and beauty products for “Sweet Beginnings” and “Bee Line.”

We are delighted that Wright College is taking advantage of its knowledge in bees to offer a Continuing Education Class meeting 9 time on Wednesday’s from February 10th to April 7th to start your own apiary and produce honey or to just enjoy the experience.

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