Experience America is a initiative of the US State Department to annually  take Ambassadors to different cities to observe the local economy and culture. With the both the President and Secretary of State having deep Chicago roots, it made Chicago a natural for this first trip in the Obama Administration.

Eli’s provided an assortment of Couture Cheesecakes and Dipper as part of the Taste of Chicago Reception.

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C Marshall (Medium)

At the Closing Reception held at Millennium Park, Chief of Protocol Capricia Marshall thanked Mayor and Mrs. Daley and all the people of Chicago for their hospitality.

ambassador (Medium)

Miodrag Vlahović, the Montenegrin Ambassador to the United States with Eli’s Melissa  Arnaoutovic and Marilyn Stewart.  Montenegrin is a country located in southeastern Europe bordered  by Croatia, Bosnia, Hezegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania.

doug (Medium)

Doug Wertheimer with Meret Orazov, the Ambassador from Turkmenistan. The Republic of Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia. Until 1991, it was a constituent republic of the Soviet Union. It is bordered by Afghanistan,Iran,   Ubzekistan, Kzakhstan and the Caspian Sea.

shalabi (Medium)

Eli’s Marc Schulman with Mahmoud Shalabi, a student at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, and his dad, Rouhy Shalabi, a co-chair of the CHSAS Advisory Board.

marc and rudy (Medium)

Marc Schulman with Rudy Espinosa, who had graduated from Wright College the evening before.