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Greg Grunberg with the other members of  the Band from TV (Jessie Spencer (Fox’s House),  Scott Grimes (American Dad, ER and Robin Hood),  Adrian Pasdar (Heroes, Desperate Housewives), Bob Guiney (The Bachelor and daily host of GSN) and James Denton (ABC’s Desperate Housewives) ) celebrated the 30th Birthday of Eli’s Cheesecake and the Taste of Chicago at the Taste on Saturday, June 29th.


On Monday, August 23rd. Grunberg stars in the premiere of “Bond of Silence”on Lifetime. Based on real events, Grunberg plays Paul Jackson, a detective investigating the death of an individual trying to stop a teenage house party on New Year”s Eve.

This marks Grunberg’s first TV movie which he agreed to do because of Oscar winning director. Pete Werner and the great cast. Greg  stars in NBC’s Emmy Award-nominated ensemble drama series “Heroes”  Prior to “Heroes,” Grunberg is best known for his role as Sean on Felicity and Eric Weiss on Alias.

Greg uses the proceeds from his appearances with the Band from TV to raise funds for the Pediatric Epilepsy Project, which raises money for UCLA Pediatric neurology department.

Congratulations Greg on “Bond of Silence” and your commitment to charity and the community!