mickey minnie (Medium)

Mickey and Minnie Mouse appeared together for the first time leading the procession to light the over one million lights in the trees on the Magnificent Mile.

ralph and nmh balloon (Medium)

Northwestern Memorial’s Ralph Weber with the Northwestern Balloon and distinguished Northwestern Memorial Associates.

john bob (Medium)

Greater North Michigan Avenue President and CEO and former Lights Festival Chair, John Chikow, congratulating 2010 Chairman Bob Dion.

marc grant lisa peter (Medium)

Eli’s and Founding Lights Chairman, Marc Schulman, with former Lights Chairman and GNMAA Chairman Elect, Grant Deporter , Attorney General Lisa Madigan, and GNMAA Chairman Peter Simoncelli

marc legacy (Medium)

Eli’s Marc Schulman walks with the Legacy of Leaders in the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival Procession.

curran ellen (Medium)

The success of the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival would not have been possible without the leadership and dedicated work of John Curran and Ellen Farrar.

marc brendan walter ralph (Medium)

Eli’s Marc Schulman and Northwestern Memorial’s Ralph Weber (both former GNMAA Chairmen) congratulate Alderman Brendan Reilly and Alderman Walter Burnett on their strong support of the Magnificent Mile District.

harris lion (Medium)

The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival would not be possible without the amazing support of the presenting sponsor, Harris Bank. Hubert is a very special member of the procession as are the hundreds of Harris employees who volunteer to present mittens to kids during the Procession and to share good will during the day.


The 19 years of the success of the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival would not have been possible without the volunteer leadership of the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association. The photo above of the Legacy of Leaders includes our current and past Lights Festival Chairpeople, past and the present Chairman of the Association,Peter Simoncelli,key elected officials and our President and CEO, John Chikow.