When he served as the Congressman of  9th Congressional District on Chicago’s northwest side, which includes Eli’s Cheesecake and Wright College, Rahm Emanuel was instrumental in finding a site in what is now the Wright Campus Business Park for Chicago Paper Tube & Can Company, a more than 100 year old company that was short on space and considering moving to Wisconsin. On Monday, which was also Rahm’s 51st Birthday, he toured the Chicago Paper Tube Facility and also toured Eli’s where we surprised him with a 51th Birthday Cake.  At Rahm’s request, the Birthday Cake was delivered to the St. Mary of Providence School, where the residents with developmental disabilities and staff enjoyed the Eli’s creation.

Rahm1 (Small)

Eli’s Marc and Maureen Schulman with Rahm Emanuel.

rahm4 (Small)

Rahm greets Eli’s Associates as everyone gathered to wish Rahm a Happy 51st Birthday.

Rahm2 (Small)

Rahm Emanuel with Eli’s Laurel Boger and Diana Moles who are responsible for creating Eli’s new desserts and our Signature Big Cakes.

rahm3 (Small)

Rahm visited Eli’s offices and met Keyla Torres, Debbie Marchok, Sarah Zupancic and Lisa Ripka.