Ten Days Fly by so quickly! Thanks to our customers and fans who purchased over 112,000 slices of Eli’s Cheesecake at Taste of Chicago in 2009. 2009 marked our Celebration of the 29th of Eli’s Cheesecake and the 29th Birthday of  Taste of Chicago.  This year also marked the year that we celebrated the 100th Birthday of the Burnham Plan of Chicago. It was on July 4th, 1909 that Daniel Burnham, Edward Bennett and the Commercial Club of Chicago released their vision for Chicago to the public. It is very fitting that it was  71 years to the day that Eli’s Cheesecake made its public debut outside Eli’s the Place for Steak at that very first Taste of Chicago.

2010 will be a very special year as we celebrate the 30th Birthday of Taste and Eli’s Cheesecake. On a personal level to all of us at Eli’s, it will be even more special as we celebrate the 100th Birthday of our founder, Eli M. Schulman.

Celebrate everyday with Eli’!