Eli’s Cheesecake is very proud to be the “Official Dessert” & Great Friend of the Chicago’s First Lady Fleet and owners, Holly and Bob Agra.

Like Eli’s, Chicago’s First Lady is a multi-generational family dedicated to promoting Chicago that has developed an international reputation for excellence. Also both Holly Agra and Marc Schulman have served as Chairperson of the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association, a membership group that was formed almost 100 years ago when the Michigan Avenue Bridge was constructed over the Chicago River–the location of the Chicago’s First Lady Dock..

Holly and Bob Agra give thanks to the Burger Boat Company of Manitowoc,  Wisconsin which completed the project in record time. In design, Chicago’s Leading Lady resembles her sister ship, Chicago’s Little Lady in many ways, while being significant larger and licensed to carry 299 passengers.

Holly Agra and Ellen Costello, CEO and US Country Head, BMO Financial present the commemorative cheesecake that Eli’s created for the event.

Chicago’s Leading Lady joins the three other members of the First Lady Fleet that are hosting the Chicago Architectural Foundation River Cruise and Private Events;pictured above is the Little Lady, as well as the First Lady and the Fair Lady.