In its 11 years, the Green City Market, an independent not for profit organization and Chicago’s only sustainable green market has developed a national reputation for its promotion of local, artisan farmers and producers, increasing the supply of high quality locally produced food in Chicago and to educate children and adults about the importance of sustainable agriculture. These were the principles of the late founder of the Green City Market, Abby Mandel, who started the Market in an alley next to the Chicago Theater and oversaw its growth.

Abby’s dedication to local sustainable agriculture was an inspiration to all of us at Eli’s and was of the reasons that we expanded Farmers Market with Wright College and expanded our partnership with the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

Eli’s Executive Vice President, Jolene Worthington, was a long time friend of Abby’s, and is a close personal and professional friend with Sarah Stegner and Carrie Nahabedian, who have taken the lead in the continued growth of the Green City Market.

It was therefore a pleasure to participate in the 2009 Green City Market Chef’s BBQ on Thursday, July 16th in Lincoln Park. Jolene, with the partnership of Eli’s Executive Pastry Chef and Head of Product Development, Diana Moles, Kathy Kirby and Jennifer Doezie served an awesome Capriole Farm Goat Cheese Cheesecake with Blackberries.