One of Chicago’s most dynmamic educational institutions is Kendall College,
founded 70 years ago in Evanston, Under the leadership of entrepreneur and now
President, Howard Tullman, Kendall has undertaken a rebirth in planning a move
to a new campus on Goose Island in Chicago and expanding enrollment and
programs. Visit the web site for Kendall at

Today I had the honor to be the commencement speaker at the graduation
ceremony held for the last time in Evanston. This was a very high energy class
that had distinguished itself in the culinary programs and also other degree
tracts. What is really exciting about Kendall is that it is creating artisans
who have the critical thinking skills and experience to make a difference in
this new age of quality. Today consumers want to know who makes their food,
where it is made, whats in it and what is it going to do for them. If its high
calorie, it better be worth it. The number of cakes we make (over 18,000 a day)
isn’t nearly as important as how we maintained my dad’s original quality and
what makes them special.

Quality is a great point of differene and we can use technology (like this
Blog) to get the word out that this is real cheesecake. We are no factory and we
don’t machine create desserts. We do them one a time and make them great.

The graduates of Kendall have the opportunity to participate in this new
paradigm of quality and interest in artisan craft. The mass markets have faded
and the niche is where you want to be. For us, this is what we have done for 20
years—worrying about one cheesecake at a time and creating fantastic fans for

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