One of the most significant moments in Eli’s Cheesecake history was in 1993
when 20 of us from Eli’s took a Giant 2,000 lb Eli’s Cheesecake to the inaugural
of President Bill Clinton. We met then Governor Clinton in March of 1992, on the
eve of the Illinois primary, when he visited our bakery with Mrs. Clinton to see
Eli’s Cheesecake being made and to learn about Eli’s U-our onsite workforce
development program that is run in connection with Wright College.

That was an important week in the campaign as Clinton’s subsquent success in
Illinois and Michigan secured the nomination for him. For us, it put us on the
cover of the New York Times and the Washington Post and made the lead item on
Face the Nation the following Sunday as well as being a recorded event for
CSPAN”s Road to the White House. This was really our 60 minutes of fame.

Tonight Merrick Alpert and his family dined at Eli’s the Place for Steak.
Merrick was crtical to our Big Cake getting toWashington as he was a member of
the senior staff for the Presidential Inaugural Committee. He arranged for our
Giant Cheesecake to be on the Mall and later took Eli’s to Bosnia as a member of
the US Air Force Reserves. Today he resides in his home state of Connecticut and
we look forward to his success in seeking public office.