One of the groups that Eli’s has been very supportive of is the Happiness
Club. This is a group of 60 kids from all over the Chicago area who write most
of their own material and encourage their peers to stay in school, not to do
drugs and to demonstrate high moral character. The group calls Wright College,
our campus and educational partner home, and even hosts a summer theatre camp
during the summer. On Sunday, the Happiness Club made its summer debut at Navy
Pier with four free shows at the Family Stage.


This Thursday, the Happiness Club will be performing a special noon show in
connection with the opening of the Eli’s/Wright College Farmer’s Market that we
sponsor in connection with the City of Chicago. Held in our parking lot on
Thursdays from 7 to 1pm, there are a number of fresh produce vendors as well as
Eli’s Cheesecake and other specialty baked goods,a series of weekly special
events and our weekly outdoor grilled lunch served from 11 to 1pm.

We also offer a complimentary Continental Breakfast to shoppers
who spend over $5 at the market every Thursday from 7 to 8am. This first Market
will kickoff with a meeting of the Portage Park Chamber of Commerce, our
neighborhood business group.

If you are in town this Thursday come by, or plan a trip for any Thursday
until October