On Saturday, June 26th, we celebrated the 24th birthday of the Taste of
Chicago and Eli’s Cheesecake in style. It was a beautiful day on the lakefront
when Grammy Nominated Hip Hop group, Nappy Roots, joined us to sing “Nappy
Birthday” to the Taste of Chicago and to Eli’s.

For photos of the cake, visit the NBC 5 web site at http://www.nbc5.com/slideshow/3461513/detail.html?qs=;s=1;w=320

Over 5,000 people celebrated with us enjoying a free slice of the celebratory
Eli’s Cheesecake after the ceremony. As a special thank you to our partner,
United Airlines, a layer of the birthday cheesecake was orange in honor of Ted,
the new low cost carrier started by United earlier this year.

Business at Taste of Chicago has been brisk and the Totally Turtle Smoosh is
breaking all records. Chicago loves Taste and Eli’s Cheesecake and the feeling
is mutual. Taste runs until Sunday, July 4th, so come visit us at the Taste.

Forget the fork..bring on the forklift


This is one big cheesecake


The media loves Nappy Roots

Nappy Roots, Jane Allen of United Airlines and Jim Law and Mary Slowik of the
Mayor’s Office of Special Events help Eli’s cut the Giant Cheesecake.

Great closeup view of the cake courtesy of Dominic Messina of United