My dad, Eli’, was a great restaurateur. He started on the west side in 1940
with Eli’s Ogden Huddle, a neighborhood coffee shop. He had several restaurants
thereafter on the north side and downtown near what is now the Sears Tower, and
in 1962, opened Eli’s Stage Delicatessen at 50 East Oak Street, just off
Michigan Avenue. In fact, I was very proud to say when I became the President of
the Greater North Michigan Association that my family had been in business in
the Magnificient Mile neighborhood for what is now over 40 years.

Eli’s Stage was a gathering place for Chicago’s singles in the 60′s and all
of the leading entertainers of the day. I remember meeting Woody Allen, Bobby
Short and Barbara Streisand, all at Eli’s when I was very young. In 1966, my dad
followed his dream to create a steak house when Eli’s the Place for Steak opened
on East Chicago Avenue. In 1980, my dad realized his greatest dream—to create
a signature dessert for Eli’s under his own name. What an idea!

We were therefore really happy when our good friend, Wei Fraser, sent over
this ad for the NYC Bagel Deli on North Avenue. It features all the great stuff
of a New York deli, including Boars Head Meats (from our long time friend, John
Cannistra) and great, Eli’s Chicago’s Finest Cheesecake. We are honored to be a
supplier to such a great independent operator and a restaurant that believes in

Cheesecake may have been born in New York, but it found its highest art and
taste form, we call it the Art of Cheesecake, with Eli’s in Chicago.