My dad, Eli, was a diabetic so we always wanted to make a great no sugar
added cheesecake. Last year we started working with our friends at Equal to come
out with a no sugar added cheesecake that was great enough to bear the Eli’s
name. For that reason, I was very happy to get this letter from W. Gillette who
found our 5″ no sugar added cheesecake in the bakery section at the Wal-Mart
Super Center.

Two years ago I had gastric bypass surgery. Since then my family and
myself have tried a lot of no sugar added items. Some of them just plain tasted
bad, others had a funny after taste. Unfortunately some had some pretty nasty
side effects. I found one common factor with all of them. They all contained
mannitol, malitol and or sorbitol. I found it discouraging that no one had found
a way to make no sugar added items with just Equal or Splenda, everything seemed
to be based on sugar alcohols.

Yesterday when I was grocery shopping I took a look at the bakery
goods looking for no sugar added items hoping to find something good. As usual
the cakes and cookies had mannitol, malitol and or sorbitol listed in the
ingredients. Then I picked up your cheesecake, too my surprise none of these
sugar substitutes was on the label. I bought just one cheesecake and brought it
home to my family.

Everybody loved it! No funny taste, no after taste, and most
importantly no nasty side effects.

I will be recommending your product to everyone I know! Your product
gives me the freedom to enjoy dessert with my family. I know it will be helpful
to a lot of other people too.

Thank-you so very much for putting the time and effort into
developing this wonderful no sugar added product. I hope it is just one of many
you may put on the market in the future.

Thanks again,