There is always alot of activity going on at Eli’s Cheesecake World. In fact
today, we are cited by the Miami Herald as one of the top tours in the US to
“Watch Things Being Made.” The exciting part when you come to Eli’s isn’t the
big machine, although we do have a 70 foot long tunnel oven and a 25 foot tall
cooling tower. The most exciting part is our people and their committment to
artisan quality and hand work.

So what is going on at Eli’s today? We are all in class (almost 200 of us)
converting our decorating area into a class room as we are all enrolled in
classes on Quality Assurance and Best Manufacturing Practices. Our company is
built upon the philosophy that every associate bears the ultimate responsibility
for quality. Machines are great and very important to our baking process, but
the people are the key. In class today, we are reviewing how our systems
operates and how each individual can help the business grow.

This class is part of our education venture with Wright College and the City
of Chicago TIF Works Program. We sat down with the City and Wright to come up
with our dream for a year of education. Some of the classes are technical like
SQL training and Genesis training, as well as broad knowledge to use Excel and
Word, as well as sales training.

The most fun part though as when we come together as a community to review
how we do things and how we can be better. To hear Jeff Anderson, Bill Steadman
and Mike Neuhaus, talk to our community on how we use technology and how we can
be better artisans with it is incredibly powerful. We are so proud of our
diverse community, including our hearing impaired associates, who today have the
benefit of a signer, and how we can really make a difference and make the best
cheesecake in the world.


We are so grateful to have Wright College as our partner!

Most days our customers can see us work; today they can watch us learn.