It only happens four times each year at Eli’s Cheesecake
World—our Dock Sale; once at Easter, once during the Festival, on Magnificent
Mile Lights Festival Day, which is the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and once
before Christmas, this year it will be Saturday, December 13th.

The Eli’s Cheesecake Cafe is open throughout the day with Hal
Roach, of Eli’s the Place for Steak fame on the piano, and demonstrations and
sampling throughout the day.

The origins of our Dock Sale started with the Tent Sale at our
first bakery on Dakin Street. Back then, we had limited indoor space so we
erected a tent in our parking lot; very tough in Chicago in December.

Eli’s Refrigerated Dock is turned into a Cheesecake Emporium for
the day as we create an opportunity for our customers to buy a wide range of our
cheesecakes and desserts that are now available normally.


Jeff Anderson and Marc Schulman congratulate Ramito Garcia on
his 26th Annversary at Eli’s. Like Marc, Ramito is the 2nd generation at Eli’s
and worked with Eli from that first cake in the kitchen of Eli’s the Place for

Mary Gale and Sharon Mrowiec get ready to greet the customers at
the Dock.


Mike Neuhaus congratulates Nancy Hermes on her certification as
a Fork Lift Operator. Nancy helps Mike Eli’s inventory up to date and available
for our customers.

Kingsley Agyarko and Lisa Ripka make sure that the Dock is