Chicago is delighted to be hosting CNN American Morning this week. On Tuesday,
Soledad O’Brien, Bill Hemmer and the American Morning crew were at the historic
Chicago Water Tower and the Loyola University campus on the Magnificent Mile. We
were delighted to welcome Soledad back from her maternity leave to have twins
with a special Eli’s Cheescake and slices for all.








Transcript of CNN American This Morning

O’BRIEN: So, a big day tomorrow as we continue our tour through Chicago.
We’ve got to thank you, Phil. Thank you so much for hosting us. Phil Hale is the
vice president of public affairs at Loyola University. And we are so grateful.
You guys have just done a terrific job.

Why is it not windy here? Have
you guys — but whatever. Before we go, will you take a look at this fantastic
cheesecake? I’m told it’s plain cheesecake. This is from the folks at Eli’s,
which has some of the best cheesecake in the world. And they’re located just –
why thank you! I think I will. I think this is — what’s this? Caramel chocolate
something — really caloric, but you know what? Why not?

SERWER: … try
it. Breakfast of champions.

HEMMER: Look at the logo here. Really well

Eli’s does it for everyone — the Bull’s championships, mayoral
inaugurations, they do — you’ve got an event in Chicago, Eli’s — chances are
they’re going to be there for you.

O’BRIEN: Taste of Chicago — every
year they do the cheesecake for the Taste of Chicago. So, thanks to our friends
at Eli’s, as well, and thanks to all the folks who have come this morning out to
be with us. We certainly appreciate it.

We’ll see you tomorrow at our
location at Union Station. Bring the cheesecake, please.

COLLINS: I think
we’ll still be eating it.

HEMMER: The week rolls on. Have a great day.