In Illinois, this is has been a very quiet election. With so much attention
devoted to the surrounding states, Illinois was determined by both parties not
to in play, so we received almost no visits from the President or Senator Kerry,
while our friends in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan were hard pressed to avoid
seeing one of the candidates every week.

Think back to our moment in national politics in March of 1992 when Bill and
Hillary Clinton visited our bakery. It was the week before Super Tuesday and
hard fought primaries in Illinois, Michigan and the South. For his last event in
Illinois, Clinton came to Eli’s to tour our bakery and learn about Eli’s U., our
on site GED program. That week was considered the turning point in the campaign
and resulted in us bringing giant Eli’s Cheesecakes to the Presidential
Inaugurals in 93 and 97.

Today is a great day for American democracy. Take advantage of your right to







A very historic election on November 2nd and a very interesting map, which I
wnated to add to the Blog.