It is always a pleasure to visit with a guest at Eli’s the Place for Steak
and share the secret of the meat we serve; it is Allen Brothers. For over one
hundred years, Allen Brothers has been a purveyor to the finest restaurants
throughout the country. The owners of Allen Brothers, Bobby Hatoff, Chairman,
and Todd Hatoff, President, have a passion for serving customers, whether it be
a national restaurant chain, a great independent, like Eli’s, or for you to
serve at home.

The new edition of the Allen Brothers catalog is out (visit them online at
800-957-0111 or call 800-957-0111).It includes all aspects of gourmet dining
from center of the plate, to appetizers and Eli’s desserts specially prepared
for Allen Brothers.

Enjoy the best of gourmet food from Allen Brothers-with no better pair than
an Eli’s Cheesecake and an Allen Brothers steak.