It was our pleasure to welcome Mosaic Artist, Carolyn Elaine, to Eli’s as
part of “Have lunch with an Artist.” Commissioner Lois Weisberg, the
Commissioner of Cultural Affairs, created Chicago Artists Month, as way to honor
artists citywide. We were delighted to host Carolyn Elaine for lunch, an artist
who has a outstanding portfolio of working with disabled children in mosaics.
For lunch today, Eli’s Community Coordinator, Mary Gale, joined Carol Kilcoyne
and Jane Rubenstein of New Horizons Center, to determine ways that we could
bring more art to our community.

What we were not aware of was that Carolyn has a long history of working with
Vaughn High School, one of our very important partners. Carolyn’s creativity and
her work at Vaughn gave our friends from New Horizons many ideas of how to
implement an arts appreciation program with their new facility.

A great connection was made in the Eli’s Cheesecake Cafe thanks to the genius
of Commissioner Weisberg and the talent of Carolyn Elaine.


Carolyn Elaine received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Chicago’s
International Academy of Merchandise and Design in 2000. Through her work at the
academy, she was introduced to the art form she now practices, mosaic tile. She
has trained with acclaimed visual artist Mirtes Zwerzynski. Her works in the
areas of mosaic tile, sculpture, murals, and cut paper design can be seen at
locations such as The Center for New Horizons, Henry Booth House, Seward Park,
Chicago Youth Centers, The Hot House, Austin Park community gardens, and many
Chicago Public Schools.