One of my favorite annual activities is talking to the student in Professor
Jim O’Neil’s Entrepreneurship Class at the University of Delaware. I met
Professor O”Neil a number of years ago when he came to Chicago for a conference.
The Eli’s Cheesecake story was the first case study in a business book published
by the then success firm, Arthur Andersen I wasn’t sure what the benefits of the
meeting would be, but it turned out to be a great, long term partnership.

From that first meeting, I learned about the summer program for a Masters in
Economics Education and Entrepreneurship. I found out that James Anderson, a new
teacher at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Science was interested in
attending and then worked with Joanne Dempsey and the Illinois Council on
Economic Education to provide a scholarship to Mr. Anderson for this two summer
program. Today Mr. Anderson is teaching entrpreneurship at CHSAS and the
students are really benefiting by his training.

Tonight we did the most thing which was send dessert ahead to the class. Over
the hour of lecture and answering questions, we hit on many topics from the
challenges that an entrepreneur faces each day to the importance of you people
in success. I wish all the students great success and thank Dr. O’Neil for his
leadership in entrepreneurial education..