Chicago is a city of firsts. From Cows on Parade, to One Book Chicago and
Millenium Park, the City is booming with innovation in culture and design.

This month Chicago had another first; being the first City to tie in with
E-Bay for a series of auctions to raise money for funding the Chicago Department
of Cultural Affairs. We were very happy to support the kickoff event by donating
Eli’s Cheesecake.

Check out the sale at
and watch for the very special offering from Eli’s–the opportunity to spend the
day in our pastry kitchen creating your own personal flavor that we will create
for you in a limited batch.


from Lois Weisberg

August 17, 2004

Dear Friend,

We have been searching for
new and unique ways to raise much-needed dollars. Hopefully, with your help, we
have found the answer. We are pleased to announce the first-ever City sponsored
eBay charity auction, The Great Chicago Fire Sale. In early December of this
year, we will be hosting an eBay auction to benefit the Chicago Cultural Center
Foundation, Cultural Grants, and Gallery 37.

In order to make The Great
Chicago Fire Sale a success, we are seeking your help in the form of
tax-deductible donations. What wonderful item can you part with? Your private
box at a sporting or cultural event? A work of art or antique that has been
relegated to the attic? An hour of your special expertise or

Each year, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs sponsors
over 1,000 programs, events and exhibitions that enrich the lives of people of
all ages and walks of life. We have high hopes that this history-making auction
will help fund our free programs at the Chicago Cultural Center, Cultural Grants
, and Gallery 37.

The auction items will be listed on eBay during the
first week of December, with the auction closing just in time for the holidays.
What can you donate that would make a remarkable holiday gift? We are even
cleaning out our own basement. There is a stray cow or two left there, old
posters, Millennium Park memorabilia and manhole covers.

We are very fortunate to have
Chicago’s own Leslie Hindman as the chairperson of this event. Leslie is lending
her support in many ways including being available to appraise your rare
treasures. In addition our eBay expertise is being offered through Auctions for
. Joan Greene is directing the day-to-day operations and will be
calling to follow up on my letter.

Thank you in advance for
your support.

Most warmly,


Chicago Department of Cultural