At Eli’s, we are very proud of our partnership with the Education to Careers
Department of the Chicago Public Schools. Under the direction of Jill Wine
Banks, ETC is dedicated to helping prepare high school students for their lives
beyond the classroom by combining academic training with an introduction to the
business world with hands on training, internships and field trips.

Eli’s has partnered with the Illinois Restaurant Association Educational
Foundation (IRAEF) to host tours of Eli’s by the 27 high schools that provide
Culinary Arts Training.

Recently we were visited by the Culinary Arts Program at Simeon High School.
Simeon at 82nd and Vincennes is the newest Chicago Public High School opening
its $40 million campus in September of 2004. The Culinary Program is headed by
Loretta Johnson, who is assisted by Quenton Lee, the ETC Coordinator, and
Theresa Baker, the Schools to Careers Coordinator for the IRAEF.

This is an outstanding program with enthusiastic and dedicated students. A
number of these students will go to compete in the ProStart Invitational, which
combines a culinary competition, a knowledge bowl and a management competition.
There are tremendous career opportunities in the foodservice industry and these
students are getting a early first hand view of what opportunities exist in the
industry and its affiliated companies, like ours.