When it comes to customer service, we work diligently to give the best
service possible. My dad, Eli, put on his menu that “we shall serve great food,
at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always the best.” To me, that
means, we are committed to using the best ingredients, with the best trained
associates, and then create the best in the world desserts.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t end when our products leave our door. We
want to hear from our customers when we do great and even more importantly if
our products are not up to the high standards we set.

We faced a number of challenges this year with service for the Christmas
holidays. Our primary delivery partner is Fed Ex and they were hit by a major
ice and snow storm at their Memphis hub and in many cities in the east and
Midwest. Our customer service staff was in on Christmas Eve and we did work
through the weekend via e-mail to see what was and what was not delivered.
Regrettably, a number of packages did not get delivered on Christmas Eve and
were taken to their destination on Monday, December 27th. By then the carefully
packaged styrofoam boxes had seen their dry ice evaporate and we advised
customers to destroy the product and that we would reship at our expense with a
letter of apology.

One of our many customer interactions was with Lisa Butenhoff of Washington
DC, who contacted us on Christmas Day when her gift, ordered a number of weeks
in advance, had not arrived as committed on Christmas Eve. Because she wrote us
and left a cell phone number, we were able to call her and write her to share
what we knew of the Fed Ex delivery problems.

On Monday morning, our customer service manager, Donna Carberry, confirmed
with Fed Ex that the package had been held up because of the storm and was out
for delivery that day. We advised her to have the recipient destroy it and then
reshipped for Wednesday delivery,

This is the response that we received from Lisa today:

That’s super! Thanks so much! As a communications director

I can honestly say that I have never encountered better customer

Lisa, thanks for the compliment. We really don’t want to earn our reputation
on how we react when things go wrong; it is much better to celebrate the
wonderful comments. But, we will not rest until we work as hard as possible to
make a wrong right and turn an unhappy customer into an Eli’s believer. As my
dad taught us, there is one thing that can never be valued, and that is good