One of the most successful and important programs at Wright College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago, is Allied Health. Several hundred Wright students are studying nursing and emergency medicine as well as programs to become a medical assistant or medical technician.

This week were delighted to see a well deserved profile of Pedro DeJesus in the Chicago Tribune Business Section. Pedro attended Wright College and graduated with an Associates Degree in Applied Science. He then spent 6 years working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital while also going to school to receive a Bachelor’s Degree from Roosevelt University. He then went on to Northwestern University Law School, where I received my degree, and has distinguished himself since as an attorney in private practice and as corporate counsel. This just shows how far a degree from Wright College will allow you to go.


On Thursday, July 17th, we were delighted to have the Wright LPN Class join us at the Eli’s Cheesecake/Wright College Farmers Market. This is a one year intensive program that leads to great opportunities in nursing and healthcare.


Wright College sponsors a weekly activity at the Farmers Market and has an information tent to inform the community about all of the programs at Wright. This week the Wright LPN students greeted Market visitors and offered free blood pressure screening


A team of LPN students accompanied by instructor Betty Gannon visited each of the companies in the Wright Campus Business Park to offer blood pressure screenings at their own facilities. In the photo above, the students and Betty are greeted by John Dudlak, the President of Chicago Paper Tube & Can Company.


Instructor Dora Albert and her students came to the Eli’s Lunchroom to offer blood pressure screenings to all of our people. Almost everyone of our associates took advantage of the opportunity and commented on the professionalism of the Wright students. Above the students and Dora are thanked by Wright College President Charles Guengerich and Vice President
Cynthia Cordos.


Over the course of the day, over 200 people had the blood pressure screened. Eli’s Mike Neuhaus, pictured above, took advantage of the screening twice; at the beginning of the day and at lunch.

Thank you Wright College and all of the LPN students and faculty for helping us all be more knowledgeable about our health and the need to control our blood pressure.

Untreated high blood pressure is a strong risk factor for both strokes and cardiovascular disease and we are grateful that so many of us were able to determine if we have health risks that require attention.