Our thanks to Chad Nichols and the Nichols Family for being the heart of the Eli’s Cheesecake/Wright College Farmers Market. Each week, Chad and his family bring a wide variety of flowers and vegetables to our Market.








Beets and Red Onions are always a Market favorite; also great when used by Eli’s Chef Antonio in one of his Thursday Farmers Market Special Lunches.







The Eli’s Cheesecake/Wright College Farmers Market is a success only because of our great partnerships. We are fortunate to have the support of Drusilla Bank of the University of Illinois Extension, and Lucille Shaw, Master Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor at the Chicago High School of Agricultural Sciences. Each Thursday through August 7th, Lucille brings 15 students from CHSAS who attend class at Wright College and then come to the Market for an industry leading speaker in sustainable food systems. The lecture is open to the public.










The inaugural speaker for the 2008 Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship Program was Lloyd Nichols, the patriarch of Nichols Farms and one of the first local farmers to see the opportunities in local famers markets. Lloyd was introduced by Eli’s Executive Vice President, Jolene Worthington, who is Board Member of Slow Foods and a passionate advocate for local foods.










Best of all, the Eli’s Cheesecake/Wright College Farmers Market is fun for kids of all ages and families.. Check our schedule out on the web at www.elicheesecake.com for our Thursday Farmer Market schedule.