Dear Mr. Schulman:

I was pleasantly surprised to have an email
response directly from you, the President of the company !! I purchased Eli’s
Sugar Free Cheesecake from a local supermarket chain here in CT called

In November I had purchased a sugar free, low carb version
made by another company. It was terrible, had no taste. I was very

I saw Eli’s in the supermarket & thought, ‘why not give it a try.’ What a treat, simply divine, very smooth and creamy. No one would ever guess it was sugar free. I have purchased them several times since.

I also enjoyed
looking at your website, reading the customer compliments and the serving
suggestion tips that offer how to present the slices so attractively. I must
tell you too, I’m employed by FedEx, so I’m thrilled that’s how you ship your
online orders.

Thank you for taking time to respond to my email comment
personally. Keep up the good work…keep using FedEx…and I look forward to
visiting Eli’s in the future !!


D. Tyler

Milford, CT