Tonight Jolene Worthington, our Executive Vice President, and I were
delighted to attend an opening reception at the new Kendall College. It was a
pleasure to come home and find this e-mail recognizing our master cake creator,
Martha Komoll, and our other associates for their enthusiastic response.
Dear Marc,
I am a student at Kendall College, enrolled in the Baking and Pastry
certificate program. This quarter I am studying the art of sculpted cakes. One
of my research papers is to locate and interview a local cake sculptor who has
been instrumental in the growth and awareness of the sculpted cake industry. I
am a former Chicagoan who has enjoyed your products for many years, and am
always amazed at the unique cheesecake products you produce for many Chicagoland
events. Taking a suggestion from a family member, I contacted your company and
was directed to Martha Komoll. Yesterday, I was able to meet with Martha who
eagerly shared her passion for sculpted cakes with me. I was delighted and
inspired as she shared her pastry journey. Other bakeries I had contacted were
not as interested in helping me with my project. Each employee I had contact
with at your company, beginning with the first phone call, was pleasant and
interested in assisting me. I just wanted to thank you and your employees for
the positive response and encouragement.
C. Orlow