When I visited my dad at Eli’s the Palce for Steak over the years, one of his
favorite guests was Orion Samuelson, the voice of agriculture on WGN and one of
the country’s most esteemed experts in agriculture. When it comes to speaking
for the American Farmer to Presidents and to the Secretary of Agriculture, one
of the most important voices has and continues to be Orion’s.

My dad and Orion used to talk about soy beans. My dad liked to trade
commodities and he would always listen to Orion’s reports on what to expect for
weather and supply. When my dad created his cheesecake, little did he know that
we too would become very attentive to the commodity markets, particularly milk
and butter. Today we have the benefit of the internet to get the most recent
prices, but we rely on Orion’s reading of the markets and commodity outlook.

Orion has also been a great friend of the Chicago High School for Agriculture
Sciences since it founding in 1985. His credibility at the national level in
agriculture has meant so much to the school. This year I got a sample of his
reach when I visited the FFA Convention in Louisville with the CHSAS deleation.
Orion was the voice of the 50,000 plus FFA Convention with a national audience
on the RFD-TV network.

Below is a great picture of Orion with me and my mother, Esther Schulman, in
front of Eli’s the Place for Steak when we were celebrating Eli’s purchase of
the Illinois State Fair Champion Blue Cheese.