February is not only a time for students to go into the workplace as part of
Ground Hog Job Shadow Day. At Eli’s, it is also a time for our associates to go
back to school at Wright College as part of our training grant from the City of
Chicago TIF Work’s Program.

TIF’s are best known for creating a pool of funds that can be used for
supporting new construction and capital improvements. It is also possible to use
TIF Funds (tax increment financing) to create a training fund to improve your
associate’s skills.

This week, our Educational Leader, Dean Kai Man Liu, organized a group of
cross departmental associates to visit nearby Wright College for computer
training. We have recently upgraded to Office 2003 and there many opportunities
to improve our skills. Working with Chris Wilkerson, the Director of Business
& Industry Services at Wright, and Rona Jeongco of the Mayor’s Office of
Workforce Development, we are celebrating the education of our workforce—which
is the greatest benefit of all to our people.