One of our special relationships at Eli’s Cheesecake is with
Crossings, a faith community in Knoxville, Tennessee. Last year, as Crossings
was getting ready to open, Pastor Tim Sullivan of Naperville arranged for Eli’s
to be the dessert for all attending that opening service. Pastor Mark Nelson,
the Pastor and Founder of Crossings, used that Eli’s Cheesecake in a very
important way in his service.

When we learned about the gift, we committed to providing Eli’s
Cheesecake for the first and every subsequent birthday for Crossings in
February. When we had our Annual Meeting for our people, we asked Pastor Nelson
to share a message with our people. We were delighted when that video was posted
to YouTube so check it out and see how exciting for Eli’s to play a role in
building the Crossings Community.

Thank you Mark!