The best part of my job is
creating outstanding students from schools who visit Eli’s. We had a great group
today from the Alain Locke Charter School in Chicago on Chicago’s west side, not
far from my dad’s first restaurant. This group asked me so many insightful
questions and it is very apparent that they go to a very special

Locke Charter Academy
The Alain Locke Charter
Academy (ALCA) in an independent public school on Chicago’s West Side operating
under a charter from the State of Illinois. Located in the heart of the
historically underserved community of East Garfield Park, ALCA seeks to help the
people of East Garfield Park ensure that their children have access to the
highest quality education by creating a demonstration environment for the most
innovative effective curricular practices in education. ALCA opened in 1999
serving pre-kindergarten through first grade and has added a grade each year
(currently serving through fourth grade).