In following our Blog, you can see that a number of entries talk about our
involvement and leadership in the community. We are big believers that a
fundamental part of our mission as a company is to make a difference in the
community through donations of dessert and by providing leadership and ideas to
a select number of organizations in areas in which we have an interest because
of need, interest and geography.

One example of the results of our service is the photo below celebrating a
year of achievement for the Advisory Board for the Chicago High School of
Agricultural Sciences. CHSAS has been a real passion of mine dating back to 1990
and we are fortunate that over 30 business people and community leaders share
this passion. As a result of this support, the students of CHSAS get additional
opportunities and recognition both locally and nationally.

The importance of entrepreneurs giving back to the community was recently
highlighted by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City. The Kauffman
Foundation has been a national leader in promoting entrepreneurship and
improving the academic achievement of children and youth nationally. The
Kauffman Foundation has now realized the great value in encouraging
entrepreneurs to share their time, talent and money to help students get
interested in entrpreneurship. To that end, the Kauffman Foundation launched the
Giving Back to Entrepreneurship web site at

This site encourages entrepreneurial philanthropy in doing more than just
writing a check. It recommends the things that we like to do; serve as mentor,
take a leadership position on a not-for-profit board and promote
entrepreneurship in the school.

Check out the Giving Back site and see how you can make a difference.