George O’Hare has played a major role in Eli’s history. A longtime customer of Eli’s at Eli’s the Place for Steak, George has been Eli’s Cheesecake’s annual motivational speaker for over 15 years. His stories of “fake it ’till you make it” and “no day like today” inspire anyone for 6 to 96.

George has a television show on Chicago Cable with an impressive list of guests.

In the picture below, George is speaking in the Wright Theatre (decorated for Godspell) to the Labe Bank Good Life Club.




Good Life Day at Wright College, 4400 N. Narragansett, Chicago



This event isf ree to members and includes a tour of the facilities, a c o m p l i m e n t a ry lunch catered by Eli’s Cheesecake, and classroom sessions taught by a Wright College professor.


Class session choices include: Chicago History II, Brain GymII, Line Dancing, Travel, and Flower Arranging.


George O’Hare’s “Accentuate the Positive” Radio / Television Shows have featured well-known model achievers:





Tony Bennett

James Brown

Carol Channing

Dick Gregory

Bob Hope

Arte Johnson

Della Reese

Richard Simmons

Melvyn Van Peebles

Malcolm Jamal Warner


Diann Burnes

John Calloway

Mary Ann Childers

Irene Hughes

Carol Kleinman

Irv Kupcinet

Bill Kurtis

Mary Laney

Andrew Lecky

Norman Mark

Art Norman

Lee Phillip

Harry Porterfield

Norman Ross

Warner Saunders

Linda Yu

Pam Zekman



Jack Brickhouse

“Sweet Charlie” brown

Ray Meyer

Emery Moorehead

Gale Sayers

Pat Summerall

Ernie Terrell



Roland W. Burris

Jane M. Byrne

Richard M. Daley

Alan Dixon

George W. Dunne

Edwin W. Eisendrath

Neil F. Hartigan

Jesse Jackson Jr.

Gordon Johnson

Edmund L. Kelly

Anna R. Langford

Jack O’Malley

David Orr

Clarence Pendleton, Jr.

Aurelia Pucinski

Gus Savage

Paul Simon

William Stratton

Harold Washington

Dan Webb

Jesse White


Dr. Manford J. Byrd Jr.

Dr. Frances Carroll

Marva Collins

Dr. Grace Dawson

Hermene Hartman

Sr. Barbara Hawkin

Dr. Ruth Love

Lourdes Monteagudo

Dr. Salvatore G. Rotella

Dr. Ronald Temple


Edward Gardner

Salvador Huerta

Edward Madden

Patrick L. O’Malley

Jimmy Rittenberg

Gerald J. Roper

Eli Schulman

Marc Schulman

Willie Wilson



Rev. Willie Barrow

Rev. George Clements

Rev. Johnnie Colemon

Msgr. John Egan

Minister Louis Farrakhan

Bishop Wilton Gregory

Rev. Theodore Hesburgh

Imam W. Deen Mohammed

Bishop James W. Montgomery

Rev. Michael Pfleger

Rev. Al Sampson

Rabbi Mordecai Simon



Kenan Heise

Derek Humphrey

John Malloy

John Naisbitt

Barbara Reynolds

Carol Schuller

Studs Terkel

Dempsey J. Travis

Dennis Wholey



Abraham lincoln Marovitz

R. Eugene Pincham




Jewel LaFontant

George Munoz

Jay Ross



Dale “Cod Father” Alexander

Dr. Alvenia Fulton



George O’Hare’s All Occasions Speakers Bureau

6441 Quincy Drive, Hinsdale, IL 60521

Telephone: (630) 323-3565