One of our favorite Sunday’s of the Fall is when Doc Mark hosts his Annual Charity Motorcyle Event to benefit our neighbor, the New Horizon Center for the Developmentally Disabled. This year Eli’s Big Slice came with Eli’s treats and to thank supporters of the event.

Everyone wants to take their picture with Eli’s Big Slice. On the left, Eli’s President Marc Schulman poses with Eli’s Big Slice and Doctor Mark Syzmanski of the Szymanski Chiropractic Center who sponsors the event















The Run for the Kids brings out supporters of New Horizon of all ages!










Carol Kilcoyne, the Executive Director of New Horizon gives Eli’s BIg Slice a hug. On the right, Eli’s Big Slice enjoys the train set that was donated by Fred Haberkamp, Eli’s neighbor at Columbia Metal Spinning and the Midwest Rails Club to New Horizon







Eli’s Big Slice pays his respects to Rita Tierney, Eli’s valued associate and namesake of the Rita Tierney/Eli’s Cheesecake Atrium at New Horizon. Rita loved children and the students at New Horizon.










Although next door neighbors, the green belt between Eli’s Cheesecake and New Horizon was a barrier for seniors from Autumn Green at Wright Campus and students from New Horizon to come over to Eli’s. What should have been a 5 minute trip took 45 minutes as people were forced to cross the street almost one block away. We thank John Tompkins, the Board Chair of New Horizon, for his dedication in seeing this bridge installed.

A recent Sun Times article about the relationship between Eli’s Cheesecake, Wright College, New Horizon and Autumn Green as being like “birds on a wire.” This bridge is an important step to enhancing that relationship.