In connection with his visit to Mt. Greenwood to dedicate the Miracle Field,
Mayor Richard M. Daley took a tour of the Chicago High School for Agricultural
Sciences with student leaders of the FFA, principal David Gilligan, myself,d Roy
Shalabi, one of my co-chairs on the Business Advisory Council, a parent LSC
member and Chicago Park District Commissioner, 19th Ward Alderman Ginger Rugai
and Chief Education to Careers Officer, Jill Wine Banks.

Mayor Daley is Chicago’s greatest booster of Chicago’s role as a leader in
the Green Movement. From recycling, to organics, Mayor Daley is seeking Chicago
to be a leader in the schools and the business community. For that reason, it
was a great thrill to showcase CHSAS and its achievements for the Mayor. From
its students awards in FFA, to achievements in sports and academics, CHSAS has
become one of the most successful schools in the City and a role model for urban
agricultural schools nationally.

The Mayor was able to see each of the five career paths at CHSAS; animal
science, agri-business and entrepreneurship, food science, ag-tech and
horticulture and to see the important contributions that the FFA can make to
education in an urban school district.

We appreciate Mayor’s Daley’s support of CHSAS and look forward to our third
annual Ecological Entrepreneurship Program this summer–a joint project of
CHSAS, Wright College and Eli’s.