On Friday, Wright College hosted a Town Hall Meeting for Illinois Veterans with Senators Dick Durbin, Barck Obama and the Veteran’s Administration Secretary, Jim Nicholson. It was a great honor for Wright to host both Senators and Eli’s provided dessert for all veterans in attendance.

Shortly before the meeting, we were fortunte to have Senator Dick Durbin tour our bakery and meet our people. Senator Durbin has been a great advocate for Eli’s Cheesecake serving our cheesecake to Congress on National Cheesecake Day and “wagering” Eli’s with Senator Obama with their North Carolina counterparts when the U of I played for the NCAA Championship.

Senator Durbin with our decorating team

Senator Durbin asked Eli’s Production Manager Armando Gomez about Eli’s
baking conveyor system.


Senator Durbin with Eli’s President, Marc Schulman

Senator Durbin learns what it takes to bake an Eli’s Cheesecake from Armando Gomez and Eli’s lead baker, Michael Ettore