It was on August 15th, 1967 that then Mayor Richard M. Daley unveiled the Chicago Picasso in the now Daley Center Plaza. Based on a 42 inch steel model by Picasso, the finished sculpture is 50 feet high and weighs 162 tons.

The installation of the Picasso was praised by Time Magazine as “one of the most magnificent windfalls in Chicago’s history.” It set the standard for Chicago’s public art installation with the Chagall Mosaic at Chase Plaza and the Calder at the Federal Building Plaza. With the opening of Millennium Park, Chicago also now has the “Bean” by Kapoor, the Gehry Pavilion and Bridge as well as the Crown Fountain by Plensa.

Eli’s was delighted to be invited by the Mayor’s Office and the Public Building Commission to create a Giant Eli’s Birthday Cheesecake for the 40th Birthday Party.

Dedication of the Chicago Picasso on August 15, 1967

Montel Gayles, Executive Director of the Public Building Commission, and Eli’s Marc Schulman cut the Giant Birthday Eli’s Cheesecake that Eli’s created for the 40th Birthday of the Chicago Picasso on August 15, 2007—40 years to the date of the dedication.

Young Chicago artists were invited by Eli’s to help finish the decoration of the Giant Eli’s Birthday Cheesecake at the party at the Daley Center.

When it is your birthday, it is appropriate to wear a birthday hat. Here Picasso wearing a appropriately sized top hat looks over is Eli’s 40th Birthday Cheesecake.


Eli’s Maureen and Marc Schulman add a final touch to the Eli’s Birthday Cheesecake decorations.


Eli’s Sarah Zupancic and Brian Cravens getting ready to serve over 500 slices of Eli’s Cheesecake to the crowd that gathered for the Picasso Birthday Celebration.